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MUSIC Transport specializes in international and domestic shipping of Stage Productions, Musical Instruments and Concert equipment. MUSIC Transport is dedicated to getting your show to go on (On time AND On Budget.) We are extremely familiar with today's complicated shipping requirements and have personnel in 14 U.S. cities and throughout the world to make your live performance equipment be where you need it to be for every show. MUSIC Transport is an I.A.T.A. Freight Forwarder for air shipments, a licensed Custom's Broker for import shipments and an NVOCC Ocean freight forwarder for when you have time in between performances and would like a low cost shipping option.

MUSIC Transport understands that the needs of it's entertainment clients are quite different than a typical general cargo shipper. You have complicated logistics that involve seemingly impossible deadlines, unconventional and costly expedited routings and show personnel that must be on hand to set up and break down for each performance, not to mention the performers. MUSIC Transport has the depth of resources to assist you in making everything come together every time.

How do we do it? MUSIC Transport is a division of Masterpiece International, Ltd, which was established in 1989 in New York. In 20 years, Masterpiece has grown to 14 domestic offices, each with the necessary licenses to deal directly with all air carriers (domestic, international, commercial, private and charter), U.S. Customs and ocean lines. Masterpiece was founded for the transport of priceless artworks that travel between Museums for exhibitions. Masterpiece is the largest US fine art shipping company and enjoys the highest world-wide prestige in a very coveted market. We move precious, irreplaceable art shipments all around the world. In some cases it is just one painting, and in others, an entire show that occupies several chartered 747 jumbo jets. Masterpiece is quite familiar with time sensitive shipments, important cargo and the personnel that must travel with these items. And we fully understand the need for discretion about our clients and what we ship on their behalf.